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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics TV Coverage

On February 12th the 21st Winter Olympic Games will begin in Vancouver, Canada. NBC and its affiliate: USA, MSNBC, CNBC and Universal, along with their HD channels, will broadcast around 825 hours, of mostly live competition.

NBC announced that for the first time coverage of the games will be broadcast "100%" in HD.

Universal stations, available in 57 million homes in the United States, will carry five different programs from 7:00 a.m. to noon each day. It will offer live Olympic update from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and a 24 hours news ticker, New York Times reported. Also, coverage of past Olympic highlights will be available on Comcast On Demand.

In spite of the biggest coverage in game history, NBC expects to lose money, the first loss on an Olympic broadcast package in the network history, a NBC executive said. Even though the sale of advertising for the Olympic schedule had picked up recently, it would not be enough to overcome the sharp increase in license fees that NBC has agreed to pay to broadcast the Olympics. NBC paid more than $2 billion for the domestic rights to broadcast the summer and winter Olympics in 2010 and 2012. That amount was over a third more than it paid for the previous round of Olympics broadcasting rights.

For complete TV schedule of the games visit

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Season Finale

Below the list of Season Finale for the most popular TV Shows:

- Dollhouse-FOX-Friday May 8th 8:00 PM

- Everybody Hates Chris-CW-Friday May 8th 8:00 PM

- Celebrity Apprentice-Sunday May 10th 8:00 PM

- Cold Case-CBS-Sunday May 10th 9:00 PM

- Brothers & Sisters-ABC-Sunday May 10th 10:00 PM

- The Unit-CBS-Sunday May 10th 10:00 PM

- The Big Bang Theory-CBS-Monday May 11th 8:00 PM

- House-FOX-Monday May 11th 8:00 PM

- Biggest Loser: Couples-NBC-Tuesday May 12th 8:00 PM

- Lost-ABC-Wednesday May 13th May 9:00 PM

- Grey's Anatomy-ABC –Thursday May 14th 9:00 PM

- CSI: NY-CBS-Thursday May 14th 10:00 PM

- Bones-FOX-Thursday May 14th 8:00 PM

- The Office-NBC- Thursday May 14th 9:00 PM

- 30 Rock-NBC- Thursday May 14th 9:31 PM

- Smallville-CW- Thursday May 14th 8:00 PM

- Ghost Whisperer-CBS-Friday May 15th 8:00PM

- Desperate Housewives-ABC-Sunday May 17th 9:00 PM

- Two and a Half Men-CBS-Monday May 18th 9:00 PM

- 24-FOX- Monday May 18th 8:00 PM

- Gossip Girl-CW- Monday May 18th 8:00 PM

- CSI: MIami-CBS-Monday May 18th 10:00 PM

- Dancing With the Stars-ABC-Tuesday May 19th 9:00 PM

- NCIS-CBS-Tuesday May 19th 8:00 PM

- The Mentalist- CBS-Tuesday May 19th 9:00PM

- Without a Trace-CBS Tuesday May 19th 10:00 PM

- American Idol-FOX-Wednesday May 20th 8:00 PM

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kings is moving to Saturdays

Unfortunately the new NBC TV show Kings is not doing well in the ratings and the network decided to make a schedule change from Sundays to Saturdays. This is not good news for the show, but at least NBC confirmed that will air the eight remaining episodes.

Unless a big change in the ratings, the Kingdom will have a short live.

Please let us know if you'd like NBC to bring the show next year.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Celebrities on Talk Shows

One of the best medium for celebrities to promote their new movie, CD, Broadway or TV show, is to appear as guests on popular Talk Shows. For the fans, talk shows give them the chance to see their favorite stars in a more personal environment, and in a way, get to know them better.

An appearance on a Talk Show can make or break a celebrity. Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen Degeneres are two of the celebs that have said that their big break came after an appearance on a popular talk show. In the other hand, we have cases as Farrah Fawcett, and recently Joaquin Phoenix that make the cover of next day papers for the way they behave on Talk Shows.

Celebs also use Talk Shows to apologize for any wrong doing they have committed, as the case of Hugh Grant, Mel Gibson, etc.

The hosts of the most popular Talk Shows are experts in interviews, celebs have to be ready to answer a variety of questions, or they can look flat, untruthful and boring, and this can affect whatever they are promoting.

You can visit my TV Guest web page ( for the list of celebs appearances in the most popular Talk Shows on TV.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Celebrity Apprentice 2

Season 8th of the Apprentice start Sunday March 1st at 9:00 PM Eastern Time on NBC.

This year celebrities are:

Brian McKnight - R&B Star

Andrew Dice Clay - Comedian fired!

Dennis Rodman - NBA Star fired!

Herschel Walker - Heisman Trophy Winner

Clint Black - Country Star

Tom Green - Comedian fired!

Jesse G. James - Entrepreneur / TV Star

Scott Hamilton - Figure Skater fired!

Tionne Watkins - R&B Star

Khloe Kardashian - Reality Star

Joan Rivers - Comedienne

Melissa Rivers - TV Host / Producer

Claudia Jordan - Model fired!

Annie Duke - Poker Champion

Brande Roderick - Playboy Playmate

Natalie Gulbis - Golf Champion

The 16 candidates are divided into two teams, Males vs. Female.

It will very interesting watch this group of “Celebrities” come together to complete a project.

We will update the list as candidates are eliminated.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Recession is affecting commercial rates on TV

ABC announced that has lowered the commercial air-time for Sunday’s Oscar broadcast. Last year a 30-second spot was sold for as much as $1.8 million, this year the same spots have been sold for $1.4 to $1.7 million.

ABC is expected to generate around $68 millions with the telecast. That figure represents a 16 percent drop from last year.Networks have been obligated to lower the commercial rate for many of their primetime shows.

The economic is not the only reason, the rating for many popular shows have dropped. Almost all of the networks have reported decline in rating. If this situation continues many big production shows will disappear, giving more room to inexpensive reality shows and sitcom.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nicollette Sheridan Is Leaving Desperate Housewives confirmed that Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Britt) is leaving Desperate Housewives. The day for her departure has not been announced yet.

A rep for Nicollette said in a statement that she had a great time during her five seasons in the show.

Edie will be missed by Desperate Housewives fans, because she gives some spice to Wisteria Lane that will be hard to replace.

Please write your comments and let me know what do you think would be the effect of Edie leaving Wisteria Lane.